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Part 2: Human Rights Organizations

The Arabic Centre for Resources and Information on Violence Against Women, Aman, Jordan

Aman was established in September 2000, after a recommendation at the end of a training workshop on ‘Confronting Violence Against Women and Girls’. The workshop was organized in October 1999 by the International Institute for Women’s Solidarity in Jordan, and sponsored by the Heinrich B?ll Foundation. It recommended establishing a regional centre to provide resources, information and training materials on violence against women in particular and women's and children's rights in general.

To carry out this recommendation, the international institute established the centre via its website. Providing resources and information related to violence against women and girls in the Arab region was to be the main aim of this new centre. It is also concerned with the sovereignty of law and the spreading of respect of human rights' principles in general and confronting violence against women and girls in particular. These aims can be reached following these steps:

* Providing the legal texts such as Arabic constitutions, laws, legislations and the related international and Arabic conventions, agreements and declarations
* Providing texts of the national, Arabic and international related plans and programs
* Providing information on official and civil institutions working on confronting violence against women and girls on the national, Arabic and international levels.
* Providing information on events, activities, programs, campaigns and different efforts related to the issue
* Reinforcing the coordination between specialised officials, individuals and formal and civil institutions.
* Encouraging cooperation between different institutions in order to spread benefits, improve performance and avoid repeating efforts. This would help, finally, minimise the waste of human and material capacities and resources available in the field
* Providing regular training programs via the website to reinforce workers' skills in the field of confronting violence against women and treating and rehabilitation of victims
* Providing a discussion forum among the interested and involved persons from different Arab countries to reinforce experiences and knowledge exchange and enriching the intellectual discussions and participating in raising awareness of violence against women
* Providing different guiding services via the website such as legal, social and psychological consultations
* Providing information on Arabic and international websites tackling the same issues
* Providing information on mechanisms of confronting violence against women and girls on the national, Arabic and international levels
* Reinforcing Arabic relationships and cooperation among institutions, official and civil directories, individuals and workers on the field of confronting violence against women and girls, or in other related fields. It also aims to facilitate experiences and information exchange among them all

The Amaan website is considered one of the oldest and most important human rights websites, not only on the Arabic level but also at an international one. It occupies an advanced rank among Arab human rights organisations regarding the use of the capacities of the internet in obtaining information and delivering its message. This can be seen both in the quantity of the material and its diversity; articles, reports, researches, documents, conventions, and also the daily update of the website. On the other hand, the website does not use any interactive tools with the audience but polls.
The website now provides a service of daily updates, which gives visitors a chance to get the latest news on the website, a good service that helps spread its message and attract a larger audience.