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A Close Up on The City The Arabic Network Issues A Special Issue of Wasla About Bloggers’ Conception of The City

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information issued the eighth issue of Wasla ” A Close up on The City”. T

Saudi: We’aam Site Blocked And Editor Detained Over A Misprint That Was Corrected

The Arabic Network was deeply disturbed by the news that the Saudi authorities blocked al-We’aam newspaper website and arrested the edito

Wasla , The Fifth Issue Released – From E-Love to Facebook Developments in Lebanon

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information ,released today, the fifth issue of Wasla newspaper entitled “E-Love” . The issue discusses blogs

Pro-democracy Egyptian Blogger Sentenced to Three months in Prison

Cairo on July 22nd , 2010. Misdemeanor appeals court of Qasr ElNil ruled for the imprisonment of Egyptian blogger Ahmed Doma, 21 years, for three months after being accused of assaulting police officers during a demonstration ,

Alzheimer's New Zealand: Eraser USB stick

Brief Explanation: Designed with a purpose for everyday use, these eraser/usbs are meant to serve as a constant reminder of Alzheimer’s New Zealand’s importance, as well as help New Zealanders realise how important our memories are, and how difficult life can be for those living with this disease.

Tunisia Tops The Arabs’ Record In Site Blocking And Beats Saudi – Blocking Pilot Version of A Cultural Site Before Official Rele

Cairo 20th July, 2010 The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said ,today, that the Tunisian government had , on July 18th , blocked the site , Fadaa Jadal Democraty (A space for democratic debate) –, though being still in the testing period and not officially released yet thereby gaining

In Wasla’s Fourth Issue ,” Let’s All Be Bullies” – Bloggers Write About Bullying In The Arab World

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information released yesterday, the fourth issue of Wasla newspaper titled “Let’s All Be Bullies”. In this issue , the Arab bloggers address the growing trend of bullying in Egypt and the Arab world

After 18 Years, The Arab League Expels An Emirati Writer on An Opinion Piece – Amr Moussa, Has to Cancel The Expulsion Decision

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information, condemned today , the decision of the Secretary General of the Arab League Amr Moussa, to expel the Emirati writer and poet, Dhabiya Khamis,

In A Step Forward , Emirates Lifts The Blocking on Save Egypt Front Internet Site

The Arabic Network for human Rights Information said, today, that Emirates ministry of communication decision to lift the blocking on Save Egypt Front web site was highly appreciated. The site was back to be normally accessible in UAE on 14/4/2010 night after two days of being blocked.

The Arabic Network Issues The First Arabic Citizen Newspaper A Press Conference To Launch “Wasla” , Written and Edited By Blogge

The Arabic Network for Human rights Information invited ,today, journalists ,callers for democracy and bloggers to the press conference held on 1/4/2010, at 12:00 pm to launch the first Arabic citizen newspaper. The newspaper , Wasla, falls under citizen journalism and is edited by a group of young bloggers and considers Egyptian and Arab blogs’ content as its backbone.

Egyptian Human Rights Organizations Call On The Government To Stop Military Trial Of A Blogger

Egyptian human rights organizations signatories to this appeal call on the Egyptian government to conclude the court martial of the young blogger Ahmed Mostafa and to drop all charges against him on the background of a post on his blog dating back to 2009. The organizations below signing request the immediate release of Mostafa and call on the Egyptian government to resort to more democratic measures based on dialogue and transparent debate, rather than spreading fear among young people and bloggers who have shown one and many times concern about public interest, and no intentional abuse or defamation of anybody.

Court Martial Of Blogger Ahmed Mustafa Adjourned Court Denies Defense Lawyers Access To Case Documentation.

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said , today, that the military court has adjourned the case #6/2010 against the young blogger Ahmed Mustafa to 7/3/2010.

Egypt: Serious Development In Bloggers' Persecution Prompt Military Trial For A 20-Year-Old Blogger After A 3 Day Investigation

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information expressed , today, extreme shock at the decision of the military prosecutor to refer the blogger student Ahmed Mostafa ,20 years old, to military court on 1/3/2010 for allegedly publishing false information about the military establishment, after an investigation that is the quickest of all according to ANHRI lawyers of the Legal Aid Unit who attended the interrogation sessions.

Governments Block, Censor the Internet, Tap the lines of its Users and Torture Many of Them Forcing the Internet to Be Biased to

ANHRI stated that the internet has a snowball effect on the process of democracy in the Arab world. This new force cannot be stopped by government’s actions of censorship, blocking the internet and arresting and even torturing internet users. In the Arab world, where the most repressive regimes lie, the internet has been a tool used to bring democracy and free expression to the region.
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