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Legal Notice To Giza Head Of Security A Protest Demonstration At The Saudi Embassy,

Cairo 21/7/2009
Legal Notice To Giza Head Of Security
A Protest Demonstration At The Saudi Embassy, Requesting To Release The Kidnapped Internet Activist Youssef Al Ashmawy.
ANHRI announces that a legal notice was delivered to Giza Head of Security notifying him of a peaceful demonstration at the Saudi embassy on 2/8/2009 protesting to the continued detention of Youssef Al Ashmawy ,an engineer, who was kidnapped in Saudi on 24/8/2008 by Saudi Security authorities without trial ,investigation or accusation.

ANHRI lawyers ,as the legal and official representatives of the detainee family and according to code #14/1923 which requires notifying security authorities of time and place of peaceful demonstrations three days ahead, have notified the Giza Head of Security.

Gamal Eid, ANHRI executive manager, said, ”peaceful demonstrating is one of the basic rights of freedom of expression especially when it comes to dealing with such an autocratic regime like the Saudi one and an unashamed barefaced consent of the Egyptian foreign office , headed by the foreign office minister, approving of humiliation of Egyptian citizens abroad without feeling the least responsibility or shame. Shockingly, the minister took no action regarding this issue”.

The Egyptian young man is detained for nearly one whole year in Saudi prisons. His family , lawyers have no information of the reason for detention or for not judging him of the felony he committed if any. All pleas and requests sent by his father to the Saudi King ,the Egyptian president and the Saudi human rights organization were no good. The Egyptian foreign office declared lamely that he is detained in a “security case!”.

ANHRI will go ahead with inviting all Egyptian citizens willing to contribute to this peaceful protest to the unfair practices of the Saudi government at the Saudi embassy. The slogan is “ Egyptians cherish their pride , though their government regards as cheap”.

ANHRI asks Giza Head of Security to abide to the law and allow the peaceful demonstration according to the law and to the article #54 of the Egyptian constitution “ Citizens have the right to congregate peacefully without arm and with no need for a notice in advance. Security should not attend private meetings, public meetings, processions and congregations according to the law”.

Demonstration time : Sunday 2/8/2009, 6PM.

Demonstration place: Saudi Embassy , Murad Street, next to Giza Security Administration Building.

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