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The Arabic Network Issues The First Arabic Citizen Newspaper A Press Conference To Launch “Wasla” , Written and Edited By Blogge

Cairo , 30/3/2010

The Arabic Network for Human rights Information invited ,today, journalists ,callers for democracy and bloggers to the press conference held on 1/4/2010, at 12:00 pm to launch the first Arabic citizen newspaper. The newspaper , Wasla, falls under citizen journalism and is edited by a group of young bloggers and considers Egyptian and Arab blogs’ content as its backbone.

The name ,Wasla, (link) was chosen for this weekly newspaper, now issuing monthly as a soft run, to state its role in attempting to bridge the gap between the young bloggers and the older generation of politicians, media and national figures through quoting blogs on paper. Thereby the older generation will have a window on the bloggers’ realm so that they would communicate , support and even challenge bloggers objectively.

Wasla’s team consists of four young blogger journalists : Ahmed Nagi, Ebtsam Ta’alab, Salma AlWerdani and Mohmed Gaber. Through communicating with hundreds of Egyptian and Arab bloggers, the team would choose 90% of Wasla content from blogs and social networks. Wasla is meant to extract content and reflect spirit of the internet world on paper. In addition, there are topics prepared by the editorial team reporting on most popular sites and new internet techniques.

The first issue of Wasla falling in 16 tabloid size pages contains the following topics written by bloggers, reflecting their opinions and worries:

* Humma AlBaradie (Baradie commotion), DemaghMac, Tahyees Front and Abu Nadara blogs.
* Wara AlKhemar (Behind the veil) , Dairies of a Lesbian blog
* Muscat Book Seizure Fair, Raji Bat’hish blog
* Leih Ya Daoud? (Why Daoud?) , Kobry Embaba blog
* Foselt besabab makal (Sacked for an article) , Kashf blog
* Sowar men Almokaoma wa Alamal (Stories of Resistance and hope) from occupied Palestine
* Topics on blogging , prisons in Morocco and the Egyptian movie, Rasael Albahr.
* Wasla also contains two pages quoting Arab blogs written in English, containing topics on labor protests, Naguib Mahfouz and others.

Gamal Eid , ANHRI executive director said, “We issued this newspaper knowing that trouble is ahead. We expect some to adore it and others to bitterly challenge us on it. In fact , those are the Arab bloggers . They address topics in defiance to all traditions and stereotypes. They are determined to claim their full right to expression and opinion. These are thoughts of the youth , their loud voices, assert they exist and have their own opinions , worries and stances with which we should touch base first and then debate”.

Copies of Wasla will be available at the press conference. Wasla could also be read on in pdf format.

Press conference will start at 12:00 pm on 1/4/2010 at ANHRI new office,

10th Elwi St., Apt #5 , behind Central Bank ,Down Town, Cairo.

The conference will be bilingual with the presence of the editorial team.

For more information

Arabic speakers : please contact

Ahmed Nagi, chief editor : 012 889 11 97

Gamal Eid , ANHRI executive director : 010 193 68 84

Non – Arabic Speakers : please contact

Azza Matar: 010 111 18 38