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In A Step Forward , Emirates Lifts The Blocking on Save Egypt Front Internet Site

Cairo 15/4/2010

The Arabic Network for human Rights Information said, today, that Emirates ministry of communication decision to lift the blocking on Save Egypt Front web site was highly appreciated. The site was back to be normally accessible in UAE on 14/4/2010 night after two days of being blocked.

Save Egypt Front web site manager declared to ANHRI, in a phone call, that he received a message in the web site mail box from Emirates ministry of communication informing him that the blocking was due to technical glitches that have been resolved.

ANHRI made sure from friends in UAE that the blocking has been lifted for a fact. The site was back to normal access in UAE starting 14/4/2010 night.

ANHRI said, ” It is a step forward and indeed highly appreciated from Emirates to go back on a hasty decision that proved to be not in Emirates best interest. We are looking forward to seeing more positive steps taken to unblock all other inaccessible sites in Emirates, to show genuine support to the right in free internet use as a basic human right”.

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