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Tunisia Tops The Arabs’ Record In Site Blocking And Beats Saudi – Blocking Pilot Version of A Cultural Site Before Official Rele

Cairo 20th July, 2010

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said ,today, that the Tunisian government had , on July 18th , blocked the site , Fadaa Jadal Democraty (A space for democratic debate) –, though being still in the testing period and not officially released yet thereby gaining the title the most hostile Arab country to internet from Saudi Arabia. In April 2010, Saudi authorities blocked the site of The National Assembly for Change, , 15 hours after its launch

Visitors to the site Jadal in Tunisia were surprised to see the 404 screen which means blocking the site for users in this country. Owners of the site had no choice but to issue a statement denouncing the site blocking and calling for lifting the blocking.

Early 2010, thousands of internet users in Tunisia as well as supporters of freedom of use of the internet have launched a campaign whose motto was “Amar 404″, after the censor of Tunisia, who has beaten all his fellow censors in the world, including Saudi Arabia’s and China’s, as there is no limit or logic to site blocking in Tunisia.

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information, said “The Tunisian government will not give up the title “first enemy of the internet in the Arab region”, so they worked hard during the last three months to regain leadership after Saudi enjoyed it for a while in April, 2010 when they blocked the website of The National Assembly for Change in Egypt after only 15 hours after launch . We wonder if the governments of Tunisia and Saudi Arabia are aware that this is competition is pathetic”.
In spite of the absence of any justification or logic to blocking sites in Tunisia, it is likely that the reason for blocking Jadal is the message of the wife of the most recent prisoner of conscience in Tunisia, AlFahim Bukadous that was published on the site. The message ,”We are not for sale”, exposed how the Tunisian government bargained her husband ,to change his stance ,in return for substantial and material gains ,but the Bukadous family turned down the offer as they believe in the justice of their cause and they are determined to face such a repressive regime, extremely hostile to freedom of expression and democracy in Tunisia.

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