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Pro-democracy Egyptian Blogger Sentenced to Three months in Prison

Cairo on July 22nd , 2010.

Misdemeanor appeals court of Qasr ElNil ruled for the imprisonment of Egyptian blogger Ahmed Doma, 21 years, for three months after being accused of assaulting police officers during a demonstration , on May 3rd, 2010. The demonstration was organized by some independent and opposition MPs as well as some political figures to protest against the extension of emergency law for another two years and to call for democracy.

On 22nd May ,2010, the misdemeanor court of Qasr ElNil sentenced the blogger and activist Doma to six months in jail, for allegedly assaulting some officers during the May 3rd march . The sentence was then reduced by the appeals court to three months. Doma was taken directly from court to prison.
The verdict on Ahmed Doma, is a clear message from the persistent Egyptian government to oppress advocates for democracy. A message which is delivered by violence , fabricating cases or adopting police measures as a prime resort to crackdown on protesters and those who would not compromise their right to a state free of emergency law, corruption and torture.

Despite the contradictions in the statements of officers and witnesses and the obvious fabrication of charges against the blogger prisoner, the court issued its previous ruling as an assault on police officers, not an assault by the police on demonstrators, among whom were members of parliament ,public figures and political figures who have exercised their right and marched to express resentment to the continuation of martial law and the oppressive rule in Egypt.

Ahmed Doma enjoyed his freedom for three months only . He has been recently released after a military trial in early 2009, accused of crossing into Gaza and solidarity with the Palestinian people during the Israeli assault on Gaza in late 2008 and early 2009.
The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said , " The prison sentence against Ahmed Doma is a new condemnation of the emergency state and torture in Egypt. The sentence is a new crime added to the many crimes committed by the government against callers for democracy. A day will come when this government will be tried for their crimes, with a slight difference that it will be a fair trial, not like their tribunal charades.