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Wasla , The Fifth Issue Released – From E-Love to Facebook Developments in Lebanon

Cairo, August 1st , 2010

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information ,released today, the fifth issue of Wasla newspaper entitled “E-Love” . The issue discusses blogs’ capacity in providing an opportunity for all to express their feelings without shame or fear of the prevalent social values which may inhibit expressing feelings, with an example of a love problem on the internet, that posed a questions about the nature of romantic relationships .
In another blog ” Developments of Facebook Case: Difference between Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Contempt” ,a Lebanese Blogger discusses developments of the case where three young men were questioned on Facebook page for allegedly insulting President . The blogger presented some web pages which covered the incident, and criticizing what he saw as misleading of information of some TV channels and media.
In addition, the new issue of “Wasla” contains a variety of blog posts which discuss many different issues,

• Creating Our Own Fetishes , Where Are Our Gaza And Our Ram Allah? Palestine
• Insane Talks And Sane Will Get It –Palestine
• Testifying before North Giza Court – I Swear to Say Nothing True – Egypt
• Maximum Humiliation Limit Reached – Egypt
• Unfair Rulings – Morocco
• SSI Calls in 4 Young Men, A Young Lady And Her Granny!! – Egypt
• A Street Permit – Photographing Is A Right for All – Egypt
• My Best Friend .. A Present Absentee – Egypt

The issue also includes a selection of English posts as well as blogs literature, art, graphic design and photos. Some of the bloggers’ writings

• Salesman Nap
• What is your next movie, Ezzat?
• Breed of a Maze
• Love Bat

The Arabic Network will start distributing the fifth issue as of today.
Free copies are available at ANHRI’s office.
An Electronic pdf version is available at

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