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About us

The Initiative For an Open Arab Internet

The Initiative For an Open Arab Internet is an initiative by the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (Anhri) advocating free use of the Internet without censorship, blocking or spying. In this context, the initiative seeks to provide international and Arab information and internet related documents. The initiative also defends internet users, web-designers, and writers by organising legal and media campaigns and highlighting practices restricting Internet freedom.

With Arab governments expressing great animosity against freedom, the Initiative focuses on the Arab World. For this purpose most information is provided in Arabic.

The Initiative For an Open Arab Internet depends on the support and interactive participation of all organisations, individuals and Internet users who contribute with recommendations and ideas that support Internet Freedom and who also participate in campaigns in defence of the Internet and its users.

Because this initiative mainly targets the Internet and its users in the Arab World, most documents posted on the website will be in Arabic. However, the initiative also benefits from information and material published in languages other than Arabic to inform the Arab reader and user of other experiences and provide a wider scope of material and information.

The Initiative For an Open Arab Internet