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Moroccan anti-corruption journalist and blogger arrested Journalist should be questioned not detained

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information expressed concern that arrest of, blogger and journalist, Hassan Barhoum, on Thursday Feb 26, could be for punishment and to provide cover for corruption files he exposed through the initiative he leads under "Journalists Without Limits", on YouTube. Hassan Barhoum refers to official figures being involved with a drugs baron in Tetuan in Morocco.

Minister of the Interior must take responsibility for threats against the life of Mohammed Adel

The Arabic Network for Human Rights information expressed deep concern for the life of blogger Mohammed Adel who is in Tora Farm prison. Adel went on hunger strike in protest at being placed in solitary confinement and at his mistreatment by prison authorities, who have not been allowing him to leave his cell, thus putting his life in danger.

Dia Eddin Gad still detained in Katta prison: state security attacks him for governmental criticisms on his blog.

The attorney general is aware of Dia Eddin Gad's situation, yet nothing is being done. The National Council for Human Rights is powerless to help.
Cairo 25 Feb 2009
The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information

STATE SECURITY HINDERS APPEAL PROCEDURES IN KARIM AMER CASE Tomorrow‘s appeal hearing delayed until cassation reviews case

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) expressed its deep disappointment and concern about the case of Karim Amer. State security has put pressure on the administration at Al-Azhar University not to hand over paperwork concerning the dismissal of Amer, a student in the faculty of Sharia and law. The court of cassation needs the documentation to set the date to hear the appeal against the sentence of four years imprisonment previously passed against Amer.

Egyptian police attack and kidnap blogger

The legal aid unit for the support of the freedom of expression at ANHRI submitted a report to the attorney general demanding an investigation into the arrest of Dia' Eddin Gad by four police officers on 6th February. Officers beat him in front of his house in Kattour, Garbeiyah province before taking him in a police car to an unknown destination.


Al Zohor court of misdemeanors yesterday fined blogger Mohammed Mabrouk author of the blog hakika masriyah LE 2,500 with a further LE40,000 awarded in compensation to Trust Chemicals Company in a libel case filed by the company in June 2008.


The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said today the Saudi authorities yesterday, Thursday, detained Hamoud Bin Saleh and blocked his blog " Masihi Saudi -" due to his opinions and announcement at his blog that he converted from Islam to Christianity.

A Triumph for Freedom of Expression: The Egyptian Judiciary acquitted two bloggers and a rights activist from fabricated charges

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information and Hisham Mubarak Law Center announced today, the court of Dokki Misdemeanors marked the end of the 2008 by a judiciary verdict that sends a breeze to all of the freedom of expression defenders whom were suffocating as a result of the deteriorating situation of the freedom of expression and press freedoms in Egypt.

Dirty deal between the Muslim brotherhood and state security may result in military

trial against bloggers Mohamed Adil and Abdel Aziz Mogahed
Cairo, 18 December, 2008 The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said today that the reappearance of the two young bloggers Mohamed Adil ( and Abdel Aziz Mogahed ( more than thirty days after their disappearance was brought about through an investigation by the supreme state security prosecutor.

The Egyptian interior minister breaks emergency law - Mohamed Adil is kidnapped and detained in an unidentified location

ANHRI’s legal aid unit for freedom of expression said today that it has filed a petition with the council of state against the minister of interior demanding that he explain the reasons behind the arrest of blogger, Mohamed Adil on 20th November, and disclose his current whereabouts. ANHRI’s legal aid unit for the freedom of expression and the blogger’s father have submitted two petitions to the attorney general since his kidnap, when they learnt that he had been arrested. ANHRI finally obtained a permit to visit the blogger, but the prisons administrators claim that he is not in their custody.

Lawsuit demands the resignation of the Egyptian minister of foreign affairs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for their failure to

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information today filed today a lawsuit with the state council court against the president of the republic to demand the resignation of both Egypt’s minister of foreign affairs, Ahmed Abu Elghait, and the ambassador in Saudi, Mohamed Auf, for, at best their failure to resist or at worst their collusion by silence and ignorance in taking any action to force the release of Egyptian internet activist Yousif Al-Ashmawi Yousif by Saudi authorities, or even revealing the reasons behind his detention, and the nature of the accusations brought against him even though he has been held for almost one hundred days in Riyadh.

Following their disappearance in nineties, military camps are once again being used as detention centers by state security Blogg

The Arabic Network for Human Rights said today that security forces are once again utilizing military camps for holding political opponents and activists. These military camps do not come under the jurisdiction of either the prosecutor general, nor of any other civil department, and were widely used to hold Islamic extremists in the nineties, where torture was practiced free from judicial scrutiny. Now blogger Mohamed Khairi who runs the blog and who had been released on the 4th November and re-arrested on 16th of the same month is

Members of the Hisba apparatus arrest and beat up a blogger for a poem

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information reported today that blogger Roshdi Algadir was arrested by the Hisba apparatus in Saudi Arabia on 4th November. He was taken from his place of work in Al-Dammam city, held for three hours, beaten up and forced to sign an agreement never again to publish his work on the internet. The reason behind the attack is the poem that Algadir has posted on his blog:

In Borg Al Arab prison: prison officer runs the prison with a rod of iron like Napoleon Bonaparte

harassment reported and the life of Mosaad Abu Fajr is in danger Cairo 8th November 2008 The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information today released a statement expressing their deep concern About the harassment suffered by Kareem Amir in the Borg Al Arab prison in the Alexandria desert, and About the sharp deterioration in the health of prison of conscience Mosaad Abu Fajr, who was unable to stand during the visit of ANHRI lawyers to the prison on 6th November.

Egypt: The Supreme Court postpones the case of Judge Abdel Fatah’s blocking of 49 websites until December 2008

The Arabic Network for Human Rights released a statement today that the Administrative Supreme Court in Cairo has considered an appeal by Judge Abdel Fatah Murad against the ruling issued by the Administrative Judicial Court. The Court dismissed the decision to block forty nine websites. The hearing has been delayed until 15th December following a report from the state commissioners denying that the websites had been blocked.
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