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The number of bloggers in custody facing charges of

“taking advantage of the prevailing atmosphere of democracy to over throw the regime” in Egypt is on the increase. Cairo, 28 October, 2008 The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information announced today that the Egyptian security forces have arrested another two bloggers. The arrests of Abd Altawab Mahmoud who runs “Allhayat Alsaeda” blog ( and Khalifa Ebaid, who runs “Ana Mathoon” blog in Fayoum city has increased the numbers of bloggers currently in custody to three. Another blogger has been expelled from his university campus.

An Egyptian woman blogger has received an international prize for her efforts in support of human rights

whilst in Egypt bloggers are currently at risk of arrest, detention and prosecution. Cairo, 23 October, 2008 Renowned Egyptian blogger Nora Younis has received the annual human rights award from prominent U.S. based organization, (Human Rights First, -

Saudi Arabic detains an Egyptian internet activist without charge or trial but with full approval of the Egyptian government

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) condemns the Egyptian security apparatus and their Saudi counterparts for co-operating in the detention of Egyptian internet activist and programmer Yousif Al-Ashmawi Yousif, in Al Hayer Prison in Riyadh, for two months without trial or charge.

After the Blockage exceeding all limits, a Lawsuit in Tunisia filed against Internet Sites Blockage

A brave Tunisian journalist challenged fear and repression overwhelming the country and file a suite against Tunisia Agency for Internet Services demanding a compensation for internet websites blockage in Tunisia. He considered the intervention of the Tunisian president to reopen the Facebook website on the 2nd of September as an example for the Tunisian fanatic policies, as an evidence proving the failure of the Internet Agency in expanding the ban on websites.

Moroccan Blogger Mohamed Erraji Acquitted in Appeals Court

The Arab Network for Human Rights Information continues to call for judiciary independence in the Arab world despite this positive ruling Cairo, 20th September 2008 Cairo—The Arab Network for Human Rights Information ( announced today that the Moroccan Court of Appeals in Akadir has ruled in favor of blogger Mohamed Erraji. Erraji was charged with “disrespect of the King,” and previously sentenced to two years in prison and a

In Syria No Voice Overrides the State Security Apparatus

The First Syrian Concerning the Blockage of a Syrian Website Concludes With the Arrest of the Website Manager Cairo, Egypt: 16th August, 2008 The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information- ANHRI.NET announced today its firm condemnation of the arrest of lawyer Abdalla Suliman by the Syrian security apparatus on 30th July, 2008. He was the owner and manager of the websites Al Nazaha (Integrity)

Egypt: Increase in Censorship and Internet Users' Privacy Violation ANHRI Publishes the Abuse Evidences

Said the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information today that, “The Egyptian government imposed a new measurement which increases the extent of the censorship on Internet users, and violates their right to privacy. The new measurement obliges the tourist coffee shops, to keep the information of their visitors who uses the internet, including their names, email and phone numbers before they use the Internet. This privacy-abusive and censoring procedure become a wide spread reality.

Mass Arrest of Internet Activists in Egypt Yesterday and Abduction of Ahmed Maher in Alexandria Today

Egyptian security Agencies arrested 14 young Internet activists yesterday, said the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information. The group of activists are known as the “6th of April Youth.” During a journey to Alexandria yesterday, they were detained in the quarters of the State Security Inspectors well known as the “Pharaohs.”

The Ministry of Environment Confirms the Information Published by Tamer Mabrouk on his Blog The Trial Postponed to the Upcoming

Misdemeanors Court of Azzohour has decided to postpone the hearing of the defamation case filed by “Trust Chemical Inc.” against Tamer Mabrouk the owner of the blog named: “el-Hakika el-Masria” – The Egyptian Truth- – to the 7th of July for the hearing of the Defense Committee of the blogger Tamer Mabrouk.

In the ministerial meeting of the "enemies of Arab media" A trend to siege the electronic media and the Arab League is a fragil

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information "ANHRI.NET" condemned the results of the ministerial council of Arab information ministers that was held in the headquarter of the Arab League yesterday and the day before. The meeting resulted in condensing using the elastic expressions to define the document of satellite channels transmission and push towards applying it and make its words suitable for the internal legislations of every state. This is happening despite they declared that the document is just a "guide".

First Defamation Case Against an Egyptian Internet Blogger for Posting Information about Environmental Pollution

June 8, 2008 Cairo, Egypt
The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information "" and "Mosawah" Association for Human Rights announce that tomorrow, June 9th 2008, the Azzohour Court of Port Said will review a unique case filed by "Trust Chemicals" Company against Egyptian Internet blogger Tamer Mabrouk the owner of "The Truth Blog”

Steps on the road .... Mutual Support Between the Internet and Human Rights

Steps on the roadThe Arabic Network for Human Rights Information acknowledges the time & efforts of all the activists and media professionals who participating in the success of the workshop entitled “Mutual Support between Internet & Human Rights”, whether by their attendance, discussions, or preparing the papers that enriched the topic with very helpful thoughts and ideas. Namely, HRInfo is so grateful to all of the following participants

Egypt: Disputes between Ministries of Telecommunications and Culture on internet cafes are settled

Egypt: Disputes between Ministries of Telecommunications and Culture on internet cafes are settled
Ministry of Telecommunications is entitled to license internet cafes

The arbitrary committee formed by arbitrators from Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Telecommunications entitled the Ministry of Telecommunications to supervise, censor, and control internet cafes in Egypt. In addition, the ministry will be responsible for licensing new internet cafes and, subsequently, allowing its specialized representatives to control these cafes in respect with adherence to legal measures.

Egypt: Dispute over Net Cafés Solved Ministry Communications is the Net Cafes licensing body

The committee formed from ministries of culture and communications has solved the dispute between the two ministries over the net cafes supervision in Egypt. The committee decided that the ministry of communications is the body responsible for issuing licenses for the net cafes; the judicial custody should be granted for the ministry's specialized agents.

The Information Technology Development Authority (ITDA) promised to prevent any specialization overlap that could exist between the Intellectual Property Programming Protection Office in the ITDA and the ministry of culture bodies.

A strike against press freedom in Egypt Al-Ahram Newspaper filters internet websites

8 August 2006

In a procedure violating press freedom and the right to exchange information, Al-Ahram newspaper, the largest press foundation in the Middle East and North Africa, installed a filter to block websites that the newspaper find unfit fro journalists to browse while on Al-Ahram internal network, which serves nearly 15 thousand staff members, including around 2 thousand journalists.

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